School Work, Work Work, & Free Time

So like any other college student my days are jam-packed with things to do, or things that I should be doing. As a commuter student, I figured my best option would be to cram all my classes into two days, so I’m usually at school from about 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. on any given Monday or Wednesday. Aside from school, I also work. Though my job is only part-time the hours that my job require me to work take away some of my most valuable hours. I work from about 6 to 1o o’clock p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and a full 8-hour shift on Saturday’s. If you plan it all out, I’m left with very little free time, especially when you factor in studying which I consider a job in itself.

Last semester I spent way too much time hanging out and working, and not enough time on my schoolwork, which really affected my grades. I refuse to let that be the case at the end of this term so to stay on my work I’ve been using these tips:

  1. Don’t stress. Easier said than done, but I legit live by this. I refuse to let anything stress me out, especially things out of my control. There is no person, situation, deadline that can throw me off my game. I have goals that need to be accomplished. If I waited too long to get something done that I knew about why be upset?
  2. Stay ahead. I’ve been focusing on doing assignments way before they are due. Not to mention that staying ahead of what the professor is teaching helps so much more than going into class not knowing anything at all. Even for topics that I may not readily understand after reading, I still feel like I’m a dew steps ahead because I’ve simply read the content.
  3. Plan it out. I use my planner faithfully! If I want it to get done I’m going to put it in my planner, if I want to completely forget I’ll say “I’ll write it down later”. It’ll never get written down and it’ll never get done. Planners are essential because its a clear visual of what I need to do and places I need to be. It’s all laid out, all I have to do is follow it.
  4. Relax. Take time for yourself. Whether it is taking a nap, hanging with my friends or meditating, I make sure to include that in my schedule. I feel that I’ll never be great if I’m always uptight, tense, & stressed out. A mere 10 minutes to myself can make all the difference the world.
  5. Resources. Sometimes I get in these funks were I am so annoyed with life, like school is too much and work is too much and my personal life is too much and I just want to walk away from everything, but with the help of school resources I am able to push on. State offers a multitude of programs and facilities to help you with just about every subject. There seems to be a practice lab or tutoring corner of the sort in every building. Occasionally,  I feel like I am at full capacity mentally. At State we have the option of seeing a licensed psychiatrist, but I’d just make an appointment with my doctor to discuss my options. Sometimes it isn’t my mental health that’s the issue it could be work, financial issues, or grades, and luckily State has awesome resources for that. There literally seems to be a person, or link, or workshop for everything. It may not be very obvious information but a little research on the schools website gave me access to an abundance of support systems.



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