Friday Favorite: Faceovermatter + Exclusive TB Pics

Have you heard of Faceovermatter? If not, have you been under a rock?!

Jaelan AKA Faceovermatter is taking the YouTube world by storm! I first discovered her channel in June of 2015 when it was recommended to me by one of my friends and I’ve been hooked ever since. The first video I watched of hers was probably her everyday summer look, but quickly noted that this girl can do some serious damage with eyeshadow! Occasionally, she’ll switch up her face routine, but you don’t have to ever worry about seeing the same boring eye look. Her channel features a look for every occasion, from her simple Bronzy Eye Makeup Tutorial to my new favorite, her Black Glitter|Smoked Purple Eye look. Go take a look for yourself! I’ll wait! I know you noticed that she is definitely a lash girl! She wears all kinds of styles by all different brands. She is guaranteed to introduce you to your perfect pair.

But pause y’all, I can’t go on without mentioning HER CUTE COUNTRY ACCENT! I’m so sure that even if her videos weren’t the bomb.com (which they are!), I’d probably still listen just for her southern belle twang! If only I could’ve done an in-person/recorded interview for you guys! Regardless, I got some insight on being a beauty influencer, standing out from the YT crowd, and some of Faceovermatter’s can’t-live-without products. PLUS, exclusive pictures of Jaelan before her big chop! Read our interview below:

Tyrah Little: I know a lot of people are usually pretty nervous about being on YouTube and their family and friends watching their videos. If you experienced that feeling, how did you overcome it?

Jaelan: “I overcame the nervousness by just accepting who I was, and that my family would always be there to support. I feel that with my family, they are extremely blunt, so if there was something I needed to work on, they would let me know! But it’s all about accepting who you are and loving what you do regardless of what family, friends, or strangers might think.”

T: Was there anyone who pushed you to get into YouTube?

J: “No. It was always something I wanted to get into. Although I had a lot go family convince me to keep going when i felt down at times, but I knew it was something that I wanted to accomplish.”

T: What is Jaelan’s favorite thing to do when she’s not filming?

J: “My life consists of school and filming. When I’m not filming, I’m usually doing something college related or doing makeup for a client.”

T: Who are your favorite YouTubers?

J: “Nikkie Tutorials, Desi Perkins, and Alyssa Forever.”

T: When you first began YouTubing what was your setup? What camera did you use? editing software?

J: “Oh my! Just thinking about it makes me smile. My first set up was my bedroom. You could see my bed and dresser in the back ground. I used a Canon T3 Rebel (which I currently still use), and I used iMovie from my Macbook Pro. At that time I didn’t even use any source of lighting.”

T: In regards to that lovely southern accent, where are you from?

J: “I am from small town Gretna, Virginia.”

T: What are you studying in school?

J: “Psychology! I want my masters degree in clinical psychology.”

T: You can only use one foundation, one eyebrow product, one highlighter for the rest of your life, what are those items

J: “Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Cadiz, Champagne Pop from Becca Cosmetics, & NYX eyebrow pencil in Chocolate.”

T: How old where you when you first got into makeup?

J: “14, freshman in high school”

T: What are your favorite drug-store brands?

J: “Milani, Black Radiance, Maybelline NY, and L’Oreal Paris”

T: Do you have any high end products you can’t live without?

J: “My Nars foundation, and my Becca Cosmetics highlighter. I can [use] inexpensive products that will work the same for the rest of my face!”

T: How do you juggle being a successful YouTuber, student, and working a part-time/full-time job?

J: “It is a complete hassle. At times I would find myself not filming so I’d have more time to study for school, and take off of work to accommodate school as well. It’s all about priorities and seeing what’s more important. With being as busy as I am juggling those three.. I honestly have no time whatsoever for friends.”

T: What brand makes your all time favorite lashes?

J: “Salon Perfect Lashes – 614 & House Of Lashes – Iconic”

T: As long as I’ve been following you I’ve only seen you with short hair, did you ever wear your hair long? Do you have any exclusive throwback pictures of yourself with long hair I can feature?

J: “Yes I did! I did the big chop when I started high school.”

T: Describe Faceovermatter. What about you makes you unique?

J: “Faceovermatter came up when I was on a trip to Richmond. I wanted to brand myself into something more mature. First I had “Jae’s Corner” and I felt it was too “kiddish” for me. Faceovermatter describes in general beauty over everything. “Face” meaning yourself, inner and outer beauty. As a woman, I feel that we are instantly put on a scale, and depicted on our looks. We all should love ourselves the way we are. Some people have said to me, “Why do you wear makeup if you’re happy with the way you look?” I believe makeup is a style of art. Your face is your canvas. You paint it how you want. Every woman of every race and color, is flawless to me. Makeup is just another way to express beauty in all forms.

What I feel makes me unique, is my humor, and my not wanting to be on a “bandwagon”. I‘ve seen many YouTubers and makeup artist follow every trending topic on new products and everything under the sun. I feel that if we can start simple, we can work our way up. My strategy and reasons for doing what I do is to teach woman of all ages to realize their beauty, and if they want to enhance it, you don’t have to go broke doing so. I’m all about finding deals. if I see 50% of youtubers promoting the same product, I’m going the other direction. There is no uniqueness if we all we to do the same thing.”

T: What do you think it is about yourself that makes people subscribe and stick around?

J: “My humble and open personality. I think that people find comfort in me. In my videos I show when I make mistakes, or do something wrong, so they will know that they are not alone when it comes to makeup. It can be tricky, but soon we will all get the hang of it.”


With her roughly 50,ooo subscribers and one million plus views, Faceovermatter is definitely someone to be on the watch for. And aside from juggling schooling, YouTube and work, she is also a photographer and freelance makeup artist located in Virginia. I mean it when I say Jaelan has a spirit on her that cannot be ignored! She was most recently featured by #YouTubeSisterhoods own Vicky Logan.


Subscribe to her YouTube channel & follow her on Instagram!




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